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Siebensee Outdoor Furniture

Together with Finkeldei Polstermöbelmanufaktur, we established the brand Siebensee a few years ago. Our aim: Developing exclusive outdoor furniture collections for yachts, hand-made to highest standards in Germany. Today, you have the choice between more than half a dozen exclusive Siebensee collections. Each of our unique collections consists of seating, sun loungers, tables and accessories. All Siebensee furniture can be customise according to your specifications.

Below, please find a selection of loose furniture from different Siebensee collections. Visit our website and experience the full range of our premium outdoor furniture for yachts.

Lounge chair / Baltic collection

Lounge chair with carbon seat shell / Ligura collection

Bar stool / Baltic collection

Sofa / Baltic collection

Side table / Celtic collection

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